Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teaching Analysis

These are some notes I took in one of my ballet class combination logs. Sometimes I would write down corrections a teacher gave me that made a particular impact or really hit home, and sometimes I would write random thoughts about dancing and teaching.
  • We gravitate toward certain teachers and techniques
  • We learn by imitation
  • Teachers can't help but teach style; all are people with different personalities
And here are some notes I made that enabled me to visualize my body making movements without an effort.
  • Think of the bones, and the muscles will automatically work
  • Pelvis is the center--the largest complex of muscles are there
Today I'm not sure exactly what to make of this last question I posed in my notes, but it sounds good so I'll include it.

Training for ballet is different from the art--do you work within your own range or do you distort it by striving for perfection?

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